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• DiscountCodes with percentages did not calculate correctly. This is now fixed
• If first entering a DiscountCode (with a percentage) and quantity for the orderlines the later was changed the discount amount was not correctly updated. This is now fixed.
• Changing passwords on older versions of IE did not work because of a problem with javascript-DOM-events. This is has now been changed by checking whether the event-functions exists with a fallback-function for older browsers.

• Added css-classes for #modal and #spinner3 to default.css. These two classes is triggered when changing dropdownlists and lists of images for templatebased products. #spinner3 is default to 150px * 150px, so if the spinner-image is larger you will need to override this value. Colors and opacity for the modal-effect can be changed by altering the #modal-class.
• “Global feedback” + “Forgotten password” + “New user”-mail now has the default dynamic system replacement for variables ($username$, $companyname$ and so on).

*New functionality:*
• Option for prepopulating contactperson for delivery. This is done on the company-level
• When passwords are encrypted the forgotten password-functionality is added so that the user gets a directlink for logging in and setting a new password
• When passwords are encrypted and self-registering a new user the “new user”-email now includes a directlink for logging in for setting a new password
• Possible to direct-link to products by specifying ISBN or External ItemNo ( urlparameters for customize.aspx is : isbn= or extitemno= )