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no3.18.0406*New Functionality*
• Order-reports for company- and departmentadministrator under “My profile” now includes the ordercreator’s full name + username.

• New CssClass for Identificator-information in cart for orderliness. CssClass is ‘cartident’
• New ProductionClient – renewed certificate for signed executable
• Production Client can now resend orderconfirmation for an order (required admin- or globalreporter-rights)
• For EDIpost-integration the address-fields are now validated and shortened if longer than the EDIPost-approved lengths

• CategoryAdministrator could see and move products to categories that the user was not a categoryadministrator for. Fixed
• For price-calculations that was calculated in external systems based on the external customernumber and where the department was set as a company the external customernumber was fixed to the company-level. Fixed
• Minor update to Word-conversion-filters
• When using a dynamic templatefield for setting External ItemNo ($extitemno$) combined with merged pricing it did not use the correct dynamic External ItemNo. This is now corrected in both normal and responsive GUI
• If a user was defined as media-archive administrator but had no access to any categories the medie-archive link was not visible. This is fixed
• Css-fix for category-menu is removed because multilevel-categories did not display correctly
• If doing multiple save-attempts on Company the ContactPerson might be reset. This is fixed
• Total price in responsive orderconfirmation was not shown directly as an “orderline”, but only if using the $totalprice$ in r_orderconf.html. Now changed this so it is included in the email as default + it display also differentiates prices incl VAT (if selected)
• Floating variables of single textlines with autoshrink fontsize or autokerning is now supported