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• When selecting a custom product as a related product and the previous product had a orderquantity less than the minimum order quantity or orderquantity larger than the maximum order quantity for the custom product the initialization of the product failed. This is fixed. Applies only to responsive GUI
• The option to “show empty image” as a variable on templatebasd products did not apply to images from the media-archive. This is now enabled. Applies only to responsive GUI
• Users that are company-/departmentadministrators could in some cases experience that only the first page of orders were visible and when changing active page the next orders were not shown. This is fixed
• For custom products where the file is downloaded from an url the pagesize-detection was running, but not visually presented/updated. Fixed. Applies only to responsive GUI
• When changing pagesize under “My profile” -> Administration -> Orders (company or department), the result was empty. Fixed. Applies only to responsive GUI
• Templatebased products without pdf-templatefiles and only large imagefile as preview was not presented with a thumbnail when added to the cart. Fixed. Applies only to responsive GUI
• When having external pricing-module active and pricing of delivery-prices the prices did not update/change correctly when changing the order-quantities of products in cart. Fixed. Applies only to responsive GUI
• Thumbnails of custom-products were presented with larger thumbnails than templatebased products. Fixed. Applies only to responsive GUI

• Department-/Companyorders under “My profile” are now loaded individually and only on demand to improve performance. Applies only to responsive GUI
• After specifying an url for downloading a document for a custom product the field is now emptied. Applies only to responsive GUI
• When loading previously saved data for a template any fields that are hidden AND set as readonly/locked will always use the default-value from the templatefield and NOT use the saved data. Applies to both GUIs
• Font-awesome-pack added to admin. Some images have been replaced with text/font-icons.
• The administrationGUI of user now loads only 20 orders for the selected user to improve performance.
• If a user added stock-controlled products in cart that are later not available for order any longer they will now be removed automatically from cart and cart refreshed. The same applies if the product is deactivated after it was added to the cart. Applies only to responsive GUI

*New functionality*
• New fields added to stocknotification-emails: $productiondescription$, $productdescription$, $stocklocation$, $staticpono$
• Direct-link to go to corresponding admin-page from the product-customization (only system administrators)
• The name of producername is now included in the orderconfirmation-email if the product allows this.
• Added functionality to specify $orderlines$ or $detailedorderlines$ to the orderconfirmation-text for the customer (the page after confirming an order). Applies only to responsive GUI
• TrackingURLs are now retrieved automatically from the EDIpost-integration when submitting consignments
• New version of production client included. Includes trackingURL-info on Delivery-panel
• New type of product introduced: “Fixed combined product”, which is a subset of the combined product with fixed non-changeable elements. Applies only to responsive GUI
• For templatebased product there is a new admin-function for saving the current result as a thumbnail for the product. Applies only to responsive GUI
• The administration of user now includes an option to delete all orders for the selected user. There is no function for handling the possibility that the user is an approver of orders.

• Pre-release of functionality to save cart-contents. Saved carts are shown under “My profile”. Only early adaptors have access. Applies only to responsive GUI