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no3.21.0408*New functionality*
* When importing deliveryaddresses or invoice-addresses to company the DeliveryCountryID and InvoiceCountryID-column now supports specifying the countrycode as well as the ID of the country. If not column is specified the default country for the system is used.
* Function for retrieving (meta)information for a media-archive image as templatefield (getmediainfo) is now extended with filename , which will return the filename of the selected mediaarchive-element. Additional queries are name, description, maid, pagecount, copyright and keywords

When specifying an external url to download on a custom product the filename is now converting url-encoded returned filename to proper filename (%20 to space and so on). Applies only to responsive GUI

* When limiting maximum orderquantity on department for templatebased products it was not enforced properly in checkout for all products. Fixed. Applies only to responsive GUI
* When importing users in company into same department, where the (same) department has different addresses the import failed. This is now fixed so that it allows updating addresses for the department, resulting in the last specified address to be the one saved.