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* When using a trial/demo-user and have enabled validation of referencefields in cart the button for confirm cart was mistakenly enabled. This is now fixed.
* If the entered pagesize for mediaarchive under configuration was set to 0 the media-archive did not load properly. Now changed so that it defaults to 10 (if value is 0).

* Category-menu now supports scrolling if the menu covers more than the window-size. Framework for menu has been updated and minor changes done to the css. The default css-file is updated to reflect the major changes to the css-classes of the menu-structure. The default style now also defaults to bootstrap-style. Applies only to responsive GUI.
* Company file-library in administration has been optimized for speed (with paging) – like the ones for department and user.

*New functionality*
* Option to show/require a user to accept privacy-terms to proceed. This is done on the configuration-level and applies to all users that uses this configuration. The prompt/notification will be shown until the user accepts the terms. Applies only to responsive GUI.
* In administration-GUI it is now possible to do cleanup both automatically and manually for session-uploads from users. Empty inactive sessionfolder for users are automatically deleted, while inactive sessionfolders with content can be manually deleted.