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• If uploading a large-format pdf that caused the normal rasterizer-engine to fail the upload failed also, not registering the file at all. This has now changed so that the alternate raster engine is used by default to prevent this problem. The function for handling rasterizing is now also exception-handled so that this sub-process will not break the upload-process completely.
• When using an external url to specify the file for a specialproduct and the product was set to require a file before being able to add to cart then the validation did not correctly update that there was a file present. This is now fixed. Applies only to responsive GUI

• Added new css-class for the image-thumbnail for image-variables while customizing a product. Classname is file-select-container. It is default the same as it previously was inline (float:left; width: 20%). Can now be customized and applies only to responsive GUI.
• In normal GUI, the fields for DeliveryContactPerson + the new Phone/Mail-fields are now placed above the deliveryaddress information. It is also now shown regardless of the visibility of the address itself, as long as each individual setting is enabled.
• ExternalCustomerNo is now stored in the orderhead on order-generation. If you change the external customer number after the order was registered the ExternalCustomerNo will not reflect this change. This might only negatively affect re-initializing orderintegration if the order was registered with the wrong ExternalCustomerNo. This is done because of preparations for dynamic selection of this field in a later release.
• Thumbnail of product in cart is done a bit larger as default (36px -> 50px), and now also has a similar “hover”-function as in webshop-view. Size and behavior can be changed in Css. Applies only to responsive GUI
• In webshop-view and products that has quantity as a free number (not dropdown) a refresh-price-icon is added for updating the price manually if you change the quantity. This makes it both possible to change quantity and add directly to cart without having the price re-calculated first. Applies only to responsive GUI

*New functionality*
• Added regular-expression-validation for Invoicereferences in cart (same as previously added for the normal orderreference and custom orderreferences).
• Added new field for DeliveryPhone in cart. Option to show on company-level. Applies to both GUIs
• New field added to JobTicket-XML, deliveryPhone
• New field added to order-reports (DeliveryPhone)
• New field added to order-emails ( $deliverycontactphone$ )
• New field for DeliveryPhone also applies to EDIPost-module that now uses this field instead of the default one to the contact person
• For approval-process there now is a possibility to add or change the invoiceReference (if the defined on company). Applies only to responsive GUI
• Option to specify a footer-file that replaces the built-in functions for contact-, privacy- and terms-information. Applies only to responsive GUI