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no3.18.0207*New functionality*
* Added setting on company-level for the invoice-address to be populated with the logged-in-users postal address
* For thumbnails specified for category or products it will now look for and use the image from the department file library or the company file library if the file exists with there with the same filename. Used in this order (Department -> Company -> Category) (applies to responsive GUI).
* XML-JobTicket now includes organizationnumber. Tag is < OrganizationNo >

* Unitprice is now shown in responsive also for custom products.
* Orderhistory under “My profile” now shows Error and Cancelled orderstates in overview if all orderlines for the order have this status (applies to responsive GUI)
* New version of library handling imaging-operations (thumbnailing etc). Minor changes

* Duplicating and/or saving tabulator-positions for fields cached wrong information. This is now fixed