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no3.20.0318*New functionality*
• KeywordTypes and Keywords has been created. Administration of this is done globally under Other settings. These keywords can be re-used on (multiple) templatebased products for enabling filtering products. Keyword-filtering is enabled on saved data under the “My profile”-page and also on product-listings. Applies only to responsive GUI
• Clicking the thumbnail+filename in mediaarchive when in listmode now opens the viewmode of the selected asset. Applies only to responsive GUI

• When in multibuy-view the default quantity-field for setting all selected products to the same quantity has changed from the value 0 to empty. This means that the user will get an errormesssage if the value is not set.
• Css class for list-view in mediaarchive has a new class that changes/resets the cursor for the “non-clickable” areas in td.text-muted

• In the change-image modal window the full filename was shown even though a start- or endpattern was specified for the images. This has now been removed. Applies only to responsive GUI
• If an external itemnumber is specified for productionselection for a custom product does not have a matching tab in the excel-pricefilen the price-calculation spends unnecessary time handling with this exception.