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no3.18.0613*New functionality*
• Option to add basic validation of reference-fields in cart. This is enabled for the normal reference-field + custom reference-fields. Custom reference-fields can ONLY be validated if the normal order-reference has validation.
The validation is based on normal RegularExpression-functionality. See for tips/explanation and an online test/verification.
For example the following statement ^[ 0-9 ]{ 10 }$ will allow only numerics and exactly 10 characters. ^[a-z]{5,10}$ will allow normal characters and it needs to be between 5 and 10 characters. Applies only to responsive GUI.

• New framework ready for delivering important system-notifications/messages to logged in users. So far it supports error-detections for possible problems for users integrating into IBX or external purchasing-portals. User will need to confirm reading the message for it to disappear. Applies only to responsive GUI.

• SAMLAuthentication now supports additional encryption-methods and it also supports claims returned as an array.