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no3.20.1119*New functionality*
• Setting added to configuration for enabling excel-pricing based on sheetnames. This means that you can have one pricefile and the external itemnumbers would need to match sheetnames to get correct pricing. Applies only to responsive GUI
• Option for setting a separate VAT-percentage on custom products. A value of -1 (which is the default) will let the product use the VATpercentage of the configuration. Applies only to responsive GUI
• Keywords and keywordtypes added to production. Keywords can be added to templatebased products to tag order with additional production information. Functionality as of now only includes this information to be transmitted to the external orderintegration-module.

• The custom module for triggering “custom actions” on a templatebased product has changed so that it cannot be triggered twice. Previously the button was just disabled to prevent double-clicks but now it has been removed. Applies to responsive GUI
• ISBN will now be shown (if defined) in orderhistory under my profile. Applies to responsive GUI

• Combining the new tabs-functionality and visual inputgroups for fields did not work properly. Applies only to responsive GUI
• When having products with custom VAT-percentages the cart and the dropdown-cart was not showing the correct sum. Applies only to responsive GUI