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no3.19.1022*New functionality*
• Functionality added to log in and add products directly to cart using URL-parameters. Url is addcart.aspx. User and Password needs to provided as parameters like before. To specify the products you need to add the URL-parameter “items” with values consisting of *. Several products needs to be separated with the |-character. For example addcart.aspx?user=test&pw=test&items=4*Number42|10*Number10. Applies only to responsive GUI – and this functionality needs to be manually enabled by us.
• Functionality added to configuration to limit the countries available in the cart. Country codes must be separated by commas. Applies only to responsive GUI

• Danish translation for checkbox “stay signed in” properly renamed to what the functionality actually does (it does not remember the user/pw, but lets the logged in session remained logged in even after browser is closed down.