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no3.20.0131*New functionality*
• The title of webpages in Impleo Web can now customized so that it can contain dynamic variables in the form of data from the user, department or company. For example $companyname$. This can be achieved by adding this in the languagefile for the pagetitle or specified in the configuration. Applies only to responsive GUI
• The functionality for allowing users to selecting/choosing default-producer in checkout has been enabled in responsive GUI.

• GUI-components for search-/dropdownlists has been updated. Minor fixes/changes and browser-/security enhancements.
• Alternate rasterizer-engine has been updated. Minor changes.
• Flippgage-generations now is more isolated to enable better memoryhandling.

• If a category-adminstrator has its companyadministrator-rights removed they no longer can add rights to other companies to category/products. A category/admin