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no3.16.0224*New functionality*
* When linking/using «all» elements in a mediearchive-category from a template it did not exclude previously deleted items that were still in deleted items. Fixed
* After including bootstrap in standard css/js the spinner3 was sized incorrectly by default (because of bootstraps box-sizing). Fixed
* CSS for admin-GUI has minor changes to make checkbox’es and headers easier to view.
* Direct-adding products to cart from search-box (non-customizable products)
* Arithmetic calculations added as functionality as external datasources (keyword is calc and you can use any arithmetic operators, and full use of Impleo-variables).
* When selecting the option for allowing sending the productionfile on email + enabling automatic cropping the user now gets both options available (can select to send with or without cropmarks)
* New layout for “new product added to cart”-notification when adding products directly from webshop-view.
* Option added for setting a required redirectURL for enabling self-registrations
* Option added for selecting that new user-self-registrations create a new company
* Default.css is now given a new name dynamic based on the release-version, to prevent browsers using cached versions of the default.css after upgrades. Default.css still contains the same information for reference, but is not served to the client anymore!
* New formatting-option added to variable fields for trimming/stripping text for numeric values/numbers.
* Logfile (if defined) for Ftp-transfers is now shown the same way as the other types of logfiles, under administration gui
* Loaded bootstrap upgraded to 3.3.6

* Dialogbox/notification was not shown when adding related products to the cart. This is now added (+ new layout)
* Discount-amount was shown excluding VAT regardless of setting. The discount-amount now shows the amount excl or incl VAT, depending on the setting.
* If entering a valid discount-code and then emptying it the discount-amount was re-calculated, but the total amount was not re-calculated. This is now recalculated correctly