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no3.18.0608*New functionality*
* Option to disable the automatic population of Subject and Description in generated pdfs from templatebased products. This is available on the configuration level.
* New field on department for saving/storing administrator-comment

* Requested delivery date in my profile no longer says 31.12.9999 if the order did not have a requested delivery date. It now presents “—" for these orders
* Requested time of delivery is now automatic added to emails if $reqdeliverydate$ is present (after the date itself)… It is also possible to add it specifically using $reqdeliverytime$

* The previously option to let initlookup work from direct-ordering (through webshop-view) could cause that any manual changes in normal customization were overwritten by the initlookup. This has now been resolved so that initlookup does not run if the field already has a value defined
* The thumbnails were for some products with large dimensions taking longer than expected and kept a file-lock for a longer period which caused either large-previewthumb or modal-window to not showing the thumbnail. This has now been changed so that these are generated in two separate processes
* On the feedback-modalfunction in responsive the feedbackinformation-text was not shown. This is now enabled.