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no3.18.1023*New functionality*
• Email-field in cart is now validated as valid email, must be longer than 5 characters and must contain . and @. Applies only to responsive GUI
• New format for variable field, time separated by :, meaning ##:##. Applies to both responsive and normal GUI
• Option to include product description in cart under the product name. Specified on configuration. Applies only to responsive GUI
• New type of category introduced (multibuy), which opens up the possibility for users to select multiple products and add to cart. Also set certain products as mandatory in this view. Applies only to responsive GUI and functionality is currently restricted to certain customers
• When selecting a related product the values from the previous product is automatically inherited to the next product. This can be prevented (if necessary) by disabling this on the product. Applies only to responsive GUI
• Option to set contactperson for invoice in cart as mandatory. Applies only to responsive GUI

• In administration of company with a large amount of active sessions the newly introduced functionality for purging unused files caused the user interface to be in-responsive until ALL sessions were checked. This has now been restricted to checking only companies with fewer than 500 active sessions.
• Reordering products that now are hidden or disabled cannot be reordered from my profile

• Logofilename specified on configuration can now contain $depalias$, $depname$
• The “complete postal”-item that can bound as data to a field would include only a single space if both postal code and place was empty. This is now removed. Applies to both responsive and normal GUI
• $attachment_urls$ added in Customer-/projectmanager email for including urls for any attachments specified for templateorderlines.
• Deliverycosts are no longer included in the total amount when calculating discounts based on discountcodes.