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no3.20.0128*New Functionality*
• IsApprover is now included as a property when exporting companydata to excel
• Downloads of templatebased products is now logged with person and date and type (PDF or Image). The exported excelfile will include all columns and data and all filtering needs to be done in Excel. The plan is to include serverside filtering in the future. Applies only to responsive GUI.
• Downloads of mediarachive-elements are logged with person, date and type of download (original or preview). Reportfile in excelformat can be downloaded from the asset and the mediacategory only for users that can administer that category. Applies only to responsive GUI
• Reports of downloaded templateproductions and mediassets has been added to the company-administration in the administrationGUI.
• Custom formatting of variables enabled. First phase opens up for numeric formatting. This is achieved by selecting custom formatting and in the custom field using the following numformat:, where is valid formatting for strings. For example : numformat:0000 will format a number as 4 digits with padding 0’s if necessary. Numformat:## ## ## ## will format the incoming value as 2 digits with spacing between.
• Fixed combined templates that consists only of templatebased contents can now be saved. Applies only to responsive GUI
• Weight added as parameter to customproducts (like on templatebased products).
• Weight is calculated and saved on orderlines when order is generated. Applies only to responsive GUI
• Weight is included in jobticket for serverbased workflows for both templates and custom products.

• MediaDescription and FinishingDescription now included in jobticket for serverbased workflows for templates.
• Helptexts for products can now be collapsed in responsive GUI similar to what it was earlier in the normal GUI. There has been added an addition div-container with id=helpText for this functionality.
• Image-variables from the media archive that has a dynamic category selection now supports loading of saved data and/or loading of data as related products. Applies only to responsive GUI.
• Categories in the mediaarchive that has a template-connection for generating products now generates preview-images in addition to just the smaller thumbnails when pdf-files are uploaded (and generates/updates templateproducts). Applies only to responsive GUI
• The upload of new languages has been removed. The reason for this is that if you attempt to upload a new file for an existing language this file always will be overwritten when the next release is implemented. Language-files for existing languages needs to be placed in skin or in global file-library. New (custom) languages needs to be sent to Impleo for manual creation.
• When uploading deliveryadr.xlsx to the company filelibrary for defining company delivery-addresses the DeliveryAdr1-field is now optional (but it should be present in order for the functionality to have any purpose).
• Default value for template-variables of type date now supports default values. Applies only to responsive GUI
• When assigning/moving a user from one department/company to another the files associated with the user is preserved. Files in the company- and department file-libraries for the moved user are still unchanged.
• The resolution for previewimages generated in the system has now been increased to 100dpi. This has been done so that “smaller” products, for example businesscards has more details in the thumbnails. System-wide change and applies to both responsive and normal GUI.

• Templatebased products without variables did not add the watermark correctly for previewfiles. This has now been fixed.
• Custom references of type dropdownlists in checkout now honours the mandatory-setting. Applies only to responsive GUI