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no3.19.1114*New functionality*
* Merging prices for custom products is enabled. It works alongside the merging of prices for templatebased products. Requires an external itemnumber and a specific pricefilename. Productionselections and pricing in price_customprod is not affected by the merging of prices. Applies only to responsive GUI.
* Enabled upload of files to global filelibrary as user if it has administrator-role. Applies only to responsive GUI.

* The searchbox for mediaarchive has a new name, tag for autocomplete and also has a tooltip added. This is to prevent browsers to cache or pre-populate username or other stored autofill-values for the form.
* Person-, SessionUpload- and PermanentUpload-files behaves now the same with same possible options (crop etc). Cropped images will be be made as a copy and when adding to cart it will be stored separately. Applies only to responsive GUI
* Passing variables/data to a templatebased product now also supports automatic/direct login (passing username and password in url). Applies only to responsive GUI
* Automatic changes (greyscale, mirroring) for variable images used in templatebased products are deleted after producing the resulting PDF, minimizing unnecessary space-usage.

* If a user from the cart chooses to change/edit a orderline for a custom product while previously having an active session for another custom product the loading of the product failed. All active sessions for customproducts are removed prior to loading the product. Applies only to responsive GUI
* When a custom product has a max width/height and also enabled that the user can manually enter the width and height the processing of files with invalid width/height was not working as the restriction of max width/height would cause a conflict. The restriction of max width/height has been removed, but the error-message will still appear and prevent ordering of invalid formats. Applies only to responsive GUI
* When reordering templatebased products with session- and permanent-uploaded images the original image was not pre-selected correctly. Fixed and applies only to responsive GUI.