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no3.19.1016*New Functionality*
• New importfield for templatebased products : StaticPONo. Also included in the export of templates.
• Option for hiding the image-dropdownlist for images where you can “change image” and get the popup-window with images instead. Applies only to responsive GUI
• Option added for displaying language-bar on frontpage before logging in. Applies only to responsive GUI
• New property added to orderstatus to indicate that it triggers invoicing

• When uploading a new image to the user session- or permanent filelibraries the uploaded image (latest) will be automatically selected.
• When cropping images from user session- and permanent filelibraries the cropped image is stored as a NEW one instead of altering the original image. Applies only to responsive GUI.
• New CSS added/changed for displaying list of products in webshopview more optimal on mobile devices. Applies only to responsive GUI
• When creating a user when order is generated it now inherits the settings for singleItemOrdering, disableAfterOrder and showPersonalInfoInCart. Only setting that is still “locked” is that showMyProfile is true. Applies only to responsive GUI

• DIBS Easy has introduced several new mandatory fields on orderliness (ItemUnitPrice and TaxAmount). These fields are now added in Impleo Web-integrations. Applies only to responsive GUI
• Administration of imposition did not open correctly. Now fixed.
• In mediaarchive selecting adding accessrights to sub-folders was not working properly. Applies only to responsive GUI.
* When copying special product, Size detector will not be included. Corrected