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no3.16.0201Release Notes Impleo v. 3.16.0201

*New functionality*
# "Functionality added to import discount-codes from Excel":{TOPIC-LINK+rabattkoder}
# "New CSS-classes added to all @@ -tags for each page for customization: “profile”, “category”, “product”, “customize”, “cart”":{TOPIC-LINK+css-og-html-filer}
# "Functionality to dynamically change External Item No for at templatebased product, using a fieldname with name=$extitemno$":{TOPIC-LINK+endre-eksternt-varenummer}
# "Functionality to dynamically change the name of the pricefile to be used for a templatebased product, using a fieldname with name = $pricefilename$":{TOPIC-LINK+variabel-prisfil}
# "Pricefiles can now be defined on department-level":{TOPIC-LINK+pris-og-bestilling}
# "Global file-library added":{TOPIC-LINK+globale-instillinger}
## Global file-library can be used for global pricefiles (which can be overridden by pricefiles on company, department)
## Global file-library can be used for loading global css (“global.css”)
## Global file-library can be used for global html-headers (“globalheader.txt”)
# Mailfunctionality with improved SSL-handshakes for smtp-hosts that require this
# "Generation of local productionfiles is logged (statistics showed under each template)":{TOPIC-LINK+statistikk}
# New productionClient (release 3.16.0201)
# Deleted items added to media archive
# Media Archive now makes thumbnails of word and powerpoint-files
# Possibility to create Impleo Flippage directly from Media Archive
# Thumbnails for videos in media archive generated based on 2 seconds into video
# Option to set that emailed productionfiles for templatebased products should be cropped to trimbox automatically
# Improved ADFS/SAMLAuthentication incorporated into ImpleoWeb-core
# "Option for setting (on configuration-level) that when on “customize”-step the user will get an alert-box if clicking links that would navigate away from Customization and loosing data.":{TOPIC-LINK+legg-til-ny-konfigurasjon}
# ExtItemNo-field added to orderliness instead of being only on products (which could invalidate orderline if the itemnumber changes after the order was processed)
# When re-ordering previous orders the system now re-calculates values for hidden fields that contain a default value
# When trying to re-order a templatebased product that has customization disabled the product is automatically added to the cart.
# Save-data-Window is set to use the same design and layout as Share to Email and other similar dialogs with extended customization and skinning.
# "Option added to configuration-level to control the transparency of preview-text":{TOPIC-LINK+legg-til-ny-konfigurasjon}
# Setting an address mandatory in Cart now requires values in both address 1 & postal (zip&place)
# Functionality to retrieve and use images from Media Archive in templatebased products
## @categoryid:@
## @namelike:@
# $preview_url$ added as possible “variable” in OrderConfirmation email to include link to previewfiles (requires that attach previewfiles is selected to the email-notification).
# "Option for adding GoToCategory-button/link to cart (option under company)":{TOPIC-LINK+grenesnitt-kundetilpasninger}

* Floating of images now calculates and stores the correct vertical position
* Choosing to NOT store vertical position of formatted text now supported