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no3.21.0122*New functionality*
• Functionality added to templatebased products to be able to use the calculated price excl and incl VAT as a variable in the template. Fieldnames has to be $priceexclvat$ and $priceinclvat$. Applies only to responsive GUI
• Property added to company-level for also presenting the price at the customize-step exclusive VAT when the price is presented inclusive VAT. This price will be placed after the price-information (only left panel) and has css class “price_exclvat”. Applies only to responsive GUI
• When defining the reference-field to be connected to a datasource it can now display the following new fields: externalDepartmentNo, externalCustomerNo, DepartmentName, DepartmentNameAlternate, DepartmentAlias, OrganizationNo , DepartmentExtData1 – DepartmentExtData4, DepartmentDeliveryCountry. Applies only to responsive GUI
• Option added so that users that are company-administrators can upload pre-defined delivery and invoice-addresses (identical to the functionality available for system administrators in the administration GUI). Applies only to responsive GUI
• New formatting for templatefield available for presenting whole amount without decimals.

• Bootstrap updated to 3.4.1. Applies only to responsive GUI
• Minor updates to the excel- and powerpointconverter-functions.
• If there is only one root category (with sub-categories) available, this root-category will be omitted in the category-menu. Applies only to responsive GUI

• For templates when reusing existing selected images in postconcat or when just want to have the same image used in another imagefield the path was duplicated resulting in problems referencing the selected image. This is now fixed for images from global-, company-, department- and categorylibrary.
• The dependson-functionality was not implemented for line field-type for templatebased products. Applies only to responsive GUI