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no3.16.0330*New functionality*
* Priceinformation in customize now always includes any custom price-information after information (next line) whether price is inclusive or exclusive VAT.
* When using calc to enable arithmetic/mathematical calculations the defined decimal separator is checked so that any differences in decimal separators will be correctly handled.
* $product$ and $productalias$ added as available variables for the StockEmpty and StockLimit-emails sent from Impleo Web for stockbased products.

* When creating new users based on generating an order the new user automatically got the “IsApprover”-right. This is now changed so that it inherits this from the originating user.
* After changing from FlexWin to PaymentWindow for DIBS-payments the “ok” return parameter for statusCode has been changed to 2 instead of 1. This is now fixed. Any other statusCode will be logged